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Hotels Thrive on Aluminum Outdoor Furniture – Milor Casual

Aluminum furniture is long-standing. It is durable, weather-resistant and is multi-functional in design. Hotels offer rest and relaxation to visitors and travelers year round.

Using aluminum furniture at hotels is necessary for many reasons. Durability is a good place to start. People want to sit in comfortable furniture that will withstand all body types and weight. For the most part, aluminum furniture can make this happen, Also, hotels do not want to be worried about having to replace furniture all the time.

There is too much hustle and bustle that goes into hotel management as it is, and the less there is to worry about the better. Aluminum furniture provides a sense of security to hotels because they know that the aluminum furniture will not have to be constantly replaced. Aluminum furniture also comes in a wide variety of styles and colors that are appealing to all people.

Adding up all of these positive attributes of aluminum furniture, it is no wonder that hotels decide to use it for their standard furniture. It makes sense to offer pleasing color and design, durable seating, cost-effective and weather-resistant furniture. Hotels are constantly trying to please their customers. Aluminum furniture is a good place to start.

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Enjoy Your Patio Furniture Year Round – Milor Casual

Patio furniture comes in many styles and colors. It can be quite versatile as it blends into all decors and can endure all kinds of weather. These can generally be found in hotel lobbies as well as on outdoor patios.  They are made of tempered steel and painted with special paint. This paint can withstand cold weather as well as heavy rain.

This type of furniture can be brought inside if you do not have covered outdoor space. If you have a enclosed backyard area, then it makes common sense to utilize the area with tables and chairs as well as an outdoor umbrella.

Chair pads can be bought that match the color of the seats and can be stored in plastic when not in use. When used in a hotel setting, they give a feeling of welcome to all visitors and are rather inviting. They are a cost effective way to provide comfort and reliability in a hotel setting.

Patio furniture is affordable and can last for many years. There is no need to spend a lot of money on expensive furniture that will not withstand normal wear and tear. Many hotel owners choose to purchase patio furniture for common areas in the hotel.

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Re-strapping your pool furniture saves you money and gives it a new look

Vacation season is over for now. Kids go back to school, adults go back to work, and the air gets brisker day by day. The influx of guests looking just to escape their daily lives for a while that you saw months ago has slowed. So now what is there to do?

This slow part of the year is the perfect time to re-strap your pool furniture. Having furniture re-strapped as needed keeps your pool area looking like the paradise your guests deserve year-round, and it even saves you money in the long-run.

There are two tell-tale signs that your pool chairs may be ready for a re-strapping. You should be regularly cleaning the vinyl straps of the chairs
with a mild soap. If that mild soap begins to lose effectiveness, you can steadily add small percentages of household bleach to the soap. If not even a 50/50 mixture of soap and bleach will cut it anymore, it’s time to re-strap.

Also, watch for stiff, brittle straps. They can be a safety hazard, prone to snap under the weight of a guest. If the straps aren’t soft, you need new ones as soon as possible. Otherwise, someone might get seriously hurt.

Now that you’ve decided it’s time to re-strap your pool furniture, you’re going to need some professional help. It may seem like nothing but an extra expense to hire outside, but the new vinyl straps must be attached to the chair frames with  high heat. Novices are likely to get scalded. The straps also must be pulled into place with precise timing and accuracy, something also better left to professionals. The money you spend now
on pros will be money you’ll save later on brand new pool furnishings.

You may not have thought of re-strapping your pool furniture before. It seems like such a small detail. But it’s the little things that make a vacation, the little things that will keep guests coming back year after year to forget their troubles and just relax. And they’ll be able to relax because you’ve thought of everything. Even the pool chairs.

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Pool furniture versus chlorine

There is nothing more relaxing than lounging by the pool, but you need to make sure your pool furniture is well taken care of to keep your pool side lounging relaxing. If you keep your furniture near chlorine you may want to be cautious.

Chlorine bleaches your furniture and corrodes some materials. Before you purchase your furniture you should check the materials and avoid furniture that contains steel and iron. Also, you may not want to buy dark materials due to the bleaching factor. You wouldn’t want to walk out to your beautiful, sparkling pool and find that your pool furniture has faded and now looks faded.

You may want to consider applying protective coverings or a sealant to your furniture to at least lessen the wear and tear of having your furniture by the pool. When you are not by the pool you may want to consider relocating your furniture to a location away from the pool to reduce your furniture’s exposure to chlorine.

Also, if you have wood furniture try to avoid keeping it directly near the pool to avoid getting wood rot and discolored wood. If you notice spots of rust on metal furniture you can try a rust remover and remember to remove your furniture from the pool area when not in use.

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