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Commercial Event Planners find advantages using outdoor aluminum furniture

In both commercial venues and residential settings, outdoor furniture can give your patio or lounge setting at atmosphere of comfort and luxury. There are a number of different materials available, each with different advantages and drawbacks. When considered overall, outdoor aluminum furniture is the best choice in terms of durability, appearance, and ease of maintenance.

When you buy outdoor furniture, you want to be confident that it last, and won’t require frequent repairs or replacing. Unlike wrought iron furniture, which is prone to rust, or wood furnishings, which can rot over time, outdoor aluminum furniture is can be left out in the pouring rain or the scorching sun with no ill effects from the weather. All-welded cast aluminum furnishings contain no components that are vulnerable to rust, and other outdoor aluminum furniture is available with stainless steel rivets and fasteners that resist rusting. Aluminum is also incredibly strong for its weight, so your outdoor aluminum furniture can stand up to the stresses of hard use and transportation without the risk of breaking.

Outdoor aluminum furniture is also an excellent choice in terms of appearance. Aluminum furnishings come in a wide array of attractive colors and styles, from sleekly modern to ornate. Because aluminum is so much lighter than wrought iron, more elaborate designs and decorations can be added without weakening the structure of the finished piece of furniture. The lighter weight of outdoor aluminum furniture also makes it easier to move around for transport or rearranging. Many aluminum furniture pieces are treated with a powder-coated finish, increasing their resistance to the elements while giving the surface an attractive and colorful appearance. The impression conveyed by a quality set of outdoor aluminum furniture is much more sophisticated than the look of plastic patio sets, which tend to attract grime.

Another advantage of outdoor aluminum furniture is its ease of maintenance. Powder-coated aluminum furnishings require only simple soap and water to clean, to remove the environmental pollutants and oils from perspiration or sunscreen that can damage their finish. Your aluminum outdoor furniture does not need to be moved under shelter from the rain or the heat of the sun, and does not require the staining or refinishing that wood patio furniture routinely needs. With just a little bit of easy care, your aluminum outdoor furniture can last for several decades or more, making it an amazingly inexpensive choice in the long term.

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Outdoor Aluminum Pool Furniture Storage and Other Benefits for Commercial Properties

Swimming pools are hot commodities in commercial properties.  By offering access to a swimming pool, along with outdoor aluminum pool furniture and storage, you will provide your residents or hotel patrons a chance to comfortably relax outdoors, possibly while sipping their favorite beverage after a quick dip in your well-sculpted clay pond.

Aluminum material offers your guests a durable while still comfortable material that will last you and your business for years to come.

You will find many styles and options of aluminum pool furniture with dining chairs, love seats, as well as pedestal cast tables. For your seating options, you can choose padded cushion covers to make sitting more comfortable. The aluminum itself often comes in a variety of finishes including textured charcoal, sky white, textured espresso, textured bronze, platinum, evergreen or textured taupe.

Other furniture you may choose includes commercial chaise lounge chairs, patio chairs, table umbrellas and stands, as well as storage units in which to house these items that are so critical to making your pool area and outdoor area.

By creating this outdoor sense of fun and entertainment with your careful selection of pool furniture, you cultivate a sense of leisure and excitement that doesn’t exist in all apartments, hotels or resorts.

One essential benefit of outdoor aluminum pool furniture is that it allows you to easily stack your chairs, one on top of the other, for easy storage in case of a heavy storm or hurricane. With the light weight of the aluminum material, you can quickly and swiftly lift and secure your chairs to one another out of harm’s way so that it won’t be blown away or damaged by a storm and strong winds. With the stacking capability, you will save on storage space around your pool deck area.

Seek out a reputable dealer to help you meet your pool furniture needs. Explore wholesale options if you are trying to save money for your business. You may also try to find recycled aluminum furniture, if possible.

Once your residents or patrons realize they have access to a pool with fun furnishings and accessories, they will be happy to sit back, relax and enjoy your other offerings and will choose to stay a little longer or may be in a hurry to come back for a future visit.

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Pool Lounge Chairs: Functional Outdoor Furniture for Your Resort

Pool lounge chairs and pool furniture in general are the quintessential piece of outdoor furniture for your resort. Your guests will enjoy nothing more than relaxing by the pool as they enjoy their vacation at you resort. Little ones can play as mom and dad watch from the poolside. Guests can lounge and enjoy a book or sip drinks bought from a poolside bar. Pool furniture allows guests to linger longer. If you have a poolside bar or snack bar, having comfortable poolside seating and tables will encourage them to stay longer and purchase more as they enjoy their day at your resort.

Your pool furniture no longer has to look like the old school, flimsy plastic chair. Now you can get durable outdoor furniture with the quality, comfort and luxury of indoor furniture. From tables with chairs under an umbrella for shade, to the relaxing comfort of a pool lounge chair, pool furniture can be quite versatile. There are many style options available today, your poolside need not look like Grandmas pool, but rather an en vougue, modern environment for outdoor enjoyment.  Seating can be padded with durable and washable cushions for the ultimate experience in outdoor comfortable seating. Bring the comfort of the indoors to the relaxing atmosphere of the poolside for your guests and they will relish every minute.

There are many styles of pool furniture available for you to choose from. Let the design and fabric give your guests an island feel. Create an outdoor bistro by the snack bar, grill or bar for a chic look that says more than picnic tables. Does your resort have more of a southern feel? Consider adding wicker pieces for that lemonade and sweet tea on the front porch feel. Adirondack style pieces will fit perfectly in a mountainside resort.

Another great thing about these pieces is that they are lightweight and easy to stack and store. During cold or stormy seasons they may need to be put away but it is just as easy to get them right back out when the seasons turn warmer again. Washing them at the end or beginning of the season is a cinch since they are made of durable, weatherproof materials. Adding the right pool furniture will give your guests an enjoyable experience they will return for again and again.

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How to Care And Maintain Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

People utilize outdoor furniture to relax and enjoy themselves. Nothing is more relaxing than lounging on a chaise lounge by the pool. Outdoor furniture maintenance is essential to ensure that all of your outdoor furniture lasts for many years. Furniture intended for outdoor use is made to withstand the elements so it is very durable and easy to take care of. Maintaining it is not a difficult job.

Cleaning is one of the easiest aspects of taking care of outdoor furniture. To clean it simply rinse it off with a water hose daily to remove any dirt and debris. A solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water can be rubbed onto all of the surfaces to remove any chemical residue left from sunblock, tanning lotions, or insect repellant sprays. Be sure to wipe down any cushions on the furniture as well. Allow the soap and water to sit for a few minutes and then simply rinse off with the water hose. Leave the cushions sitting on their edge so they can dry quickly.

For scraps and dings on outdoor furniture made of aluminum such as scuff marks, fine grain sandpaper or a wire brush can be used lightly to remove. Touch up paint can be used for any chipped areas. First use something to prep the area where the paint is chipped, such as steel wool to ensure that the paint adheres well. Then the touch up paint can be applied to the damaged area. After it dries the furniture will look as good as new.

If storage space is available many choose to store their outdoor furniture indoors for the winter. Outdoor furniture made from aluminum will be fine outside during the winter; however it is essential to apply oil to it to ensure that it will be protected from the cold and elements. Mineral oil or baby oil are excellent choices. Any umbrellas should be oiled as well, especially around the joints. If stacking items such as tubular aluminum chairs ensure that tubing is not exposed where water can enter. When water gets into the tubes it can freeze and crack damaging the chair. Any cushions on the furniture should be removed and stored.

Outdoor furniture that is taken care of looks great. When your outdoor décor is beautiful people keep coming back. If done properly outdoor furniture maintenance can make your outdoor furniture last for many years.

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Outdoor Aluminum Furniture is the preferred furniture for Water Theme Parks

Outdoor aluminum furniture is the preferred form of outdoor furniture for water theme parks for three reasons. Firstly, aluminum furniture is much stronger and more durable than the cheapest option, plastic. Secondly, it much more water resistant than other possible materials. Lastly, it’s much safer than other furniture options. It’s apparent why aluminum furniture is the best furniture option for water theme parks and why it is the most preferred as well.
One of the foremost requisites in determining which outdoor furniture is needed for a water park is durability. Water park furniture needs its pool furniture to be sturdy and capable of holding the lots of weight. Many people of various sizes will be visiting the park and each person needs to be fully supported by these seats. Not only do big and small people need to comfortable sit on the furniture, but multiple people do as well. When a park is crowded, two or three people may share a seat. Outdoor aluminum furniture is capable of holding two or three people of various weights at once. Plastic, the cheaper option cannot do this. The only other alternative material that may hold weight as well as aluminum is wood, but wood has flaws.
The second requirement in determining outdoor and pool furniture necessary for water theme park is its water resistance. Although wood may be strong like aluminum, it is not water resistant. Even when water-coated, wood can compare to aluminum and water resistance and therefore overall durability. Furniture at a water theme park will be drenched day in and day out and must be able to withstand this without any material breaking off or breaking completely. Aluminum furniture offers this water resistance and overall durability better than any other material.
Lastly, aluminum outdoor furniture is much more safe and comfortable than plastic and wood. Aluminum is much stronger than plastic and much more durable than wood, which makes it safer. It’s much more comfortable than wood, because it does not have the possibility of causing splinters like wood. Even when painted, wood can still splinter off. When painted or stained, wood can also be uncomfortable on bare, wet skin. Comfort is necessary and aluminum is the only option that offers comfort and safety.
It’s evident why outdoor aluminum furniture is the preferred choice for water theme parks, because it is truly the best choice.

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The Monster Cart Makes It Easier to Move Outdoor Furniture Around When Nedded

Monster Cart helps to move your Outddor Furniture

The Monster Cart is the latest product invented by Milor Casual to help in the process of moving Outdoor Furniture when needed. For example, beach resorts have the daily need to gather the beach lounges at the end of the day, and therefore have to relocate all the beach lounges to a single location. Monster Cart is ideal for that and worke nicely in any surface, specially on sand. It makes effortless. Check out the Monster Cart key Features:

 Monster Cart Key Features

All Aluminum Frame
Will NEVER  Rust
Heavy duty commercial grade aluminum
Structural grade channel for added strength
Non-magnetic stainless steel hardware
Fully welded
Front adapter to accommodate various
attachments for hauling
Holes for tie downs and bungee cords
3/8” braided poly-rope handle

Polyurethane Balloon Wheels
Tough and puncture resistant
Will not mark concrete or paver decks
Rolls with ease over sand or tough stone pathways
Polypropylene hub and bushing or bearing
High Grade Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Hardware
Shrader type valve (maintain correct tire pressure)

Glass Filled Plastic Caster Housing (Swivel & Rigid)
Sturdy, long lasting, U/V resistant plastic
½” Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Axle w/ Nylock nut

Accessories available
Ball hitch coupling
Aluminum Handle

Dims & Specs

Overall:  72” l X 35” w X 19” h
Clearance:  17”
Weight:  55 lbs.
MAX> Payload Capacity:  420 lbs.


Frame:  Five (5) years from time of purchase on materials and craftsmanship
used under normal conditions.

Wheels & Casters:  Six (6) months limited warranty from time of purchase
on materials and workmanship.

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